DK JV-16 Sunny Delight´s Velvet Down BIS-3

Great day at International Dogshow in Växjö.
Ended up with BIS-3 for beautiful Sunny Delight´s Velvet Down &
BIS-1 Breeders Group!
Other results:
SEU(U)CH Sunny Delight´s Peppy Smile "Smilla" won champion class and was 2´nd Best Bitch with Res-Cacib...
Golden Supreme Erase And Rewind "Hollie" won Intermediat class and was 3´rd Best Bitch with res-Cac
JWW-14 SEU(U)CH DKCHU LTCH Sunny Delight´s Say It Out Loud won Championclass and ended up 3´rd Best Male
SEU(U)CH DKCHU CZCH Sunny Delight´s Pep Talk 2`nd in championclass with Ck
Sunny Delight´s Make My Day "Dante" won Intermediat class with Ck
Hugh thank you to todays judge Rui Oliveira.