Sunny Delight

Valpkull leverans i slutet av Juli

Father of the litter SEU(U)CH DKCH(U) Sunny Delight´s Open Heart   ”Quinn”.

”Quinn” is like a giant big teddybear. The most gentle boy in the kennel. He is always happy and very laid back. He likes his daily walks, play with a ball or just relax in his big comfortably bed. ”Quinn” is both a swedish and danish champion as well as danish juniorchampion.

”Quinn” has clear hips, elbows, eyes.

Mother of the litter Sunny Delight´s Peppy Girl ”Alva”.

”Alva” is a big strong bitch with a great outgoing attitude. She is sweet to all around her both humans and dohgs.  She knows what she wants in life but is so sweet and easy to live with. ”Alva” loves her family and enjoys cosy family evenings at home in front of the TV. ”Alva” has CAC & BOB from show.

”Alva” has clear hips, elbows, eyes.